Chandler Walnut

It is a walnut kind of American origin
On the shell form it is thin shelled, a bit rough and oval shaped
It is one of walnut saplings that yield too much
Inner yield is around 50%
It is harvested at the end of the September
Fruits in the cluster are between 1-4
It grows in the middle quartz and semi-perpendicularly
Fruits are not affected by bacterial burns because Chandler walnut seedlings late foliage
Side branches have a very high yield rate. This rate is 80-90%. And it is easy to separate the fruit from its shell
The walnut weight is 12-14 gr, and the inner weight is 6-8 gr
8×4 7×5 is ideal for planting area
Chandler is a pollinator of walnut seedlings; Franquette and Ferdinand. It has 34-36 mm caliber fruit
In recent years, Chandler fruit is imported from USA and Chile to Turkey


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