Advantages of Building Walnut Farm

When we divide costs of the walnut garden into farms economic life, we face with low amount of money that cannot take into account
Against other fruit types, walnut is a very good export product. Reasons of this superiority are:
1- Walnut storage is much easier and less costly than other fruit types
2- The walnut can wait for so long in its shell without deterioration (approximetaly 18-20 months), so it increases the resisting power of selling the walnut in the market. So we can sell whenever we want.
3- It is possible that we export our nuts in shell or inland.
4- Because we are exporting large quantities of walnuts as a country, it makes it much easier to sell walnuts on the inside.
5- Walnut is also used in health and cosmetic sectors
6- It is less likely to be affected by disease and harm than other fruit species
7- It is possible to harvest walnut with mechanical methods so that it is more beneficial with regards to time and money
8- Walnut tree bark and hard shell of fruit are widely used in industrial branches
It is possible to count many features like these. Because all of these reasons we support planting walnuts.


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